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I help people all over the world realize their dreams of creating a legacy and a brand for their childen’s children.

Marlon Nicolls

Founder & CEO

Mr. Marlon Nicolls is the founder and CEO of the Nicolls Media Group, with over 35 years in the Design, Branding, Communication Arts, Advertising and Printing arena, working with  hundreds of businesses, churches, public figures and politicians. He has successfully created formulas to numerically build the attendance of churches and para church organizations. 

He grew up seeing his parents working hard and pushed him to be financially independent from age 14. In addition to being an entrepreneur for most of his adult life, he served as the Director of Engagements/Advertising and Graphics for the late world famous author and speaker Dr. Myles Munroe, the Image consultant to the Government of The Bahamas and has consulted hundreds of churches, businesses and individuals in the Caribbean, the US and virtually.

Mr. Nicolls brings his wealth of experience and expertise to assist you in realizing your maximum potential. 

Additionally his passion is the building of strong marriages and families. He is  certified relationship counselor, an author, licensed minister and massage therapist with emphasis on cancer, trauma and elderly patients. 

Every member company of the Nicolls Group serves to make you a better you.

Together with our team we are here to help you.

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