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What Clients Say?

I have known Mr. Marlon Nicolls for the past 36 years, in personal and business capacities, having assisted me with the development both professional business and spiritual ministry.
Mr. Nicolls is a problem solver. He has the ability to decipher the root of an
issue, provide a workable, sensible solution, which invariably proves to be
successful. He has always shown himself to be honest, courteous, of high integrity and moral standing, straight forward and extremely insightful. M.r Nicolls is easy to work with.
We have worked together on numerous projects which impacted people’s lives and resulted in positive change. He definitely is an agent of positive change.

Rev. Karen Alleyne-Harper

Managing Director

I am happy to attest to the sterling character traits of Mr. Marlon Nicolls whom I have known for over 25 years. Through our personal and business collaboration, Marlon has displayed an eye for detail and a passion for excellence. Marlon understands and practices the art and skill of getting results through people and does so with finesse and empathy. I particularly admire his ability to respond thoughtfully but with alacrity, in situations requiring vision interpretation and execution. My initial encounter with Marlon occurred in his capacity as a graphic artist. Now Marlon’s company offers our company branding, marketing & digital media consulting services. Undoubtedly, this success in pivoting his brand was possible due to Marlon’s vision, discipline, and entrepreneurial mindset. We are satisfied with his competence, whole systems approach to problem solving and how he balances care and candor in his interactions with me and my team members. I unreservedly commend to you Marlon Nicolls.

Dr. Madonna Doyle
CEO / Principal Consultant.

What Clients Say?

I have known Mr. Marlon Nicolls for the past 4 years. Marlon has been consistent in his approach to life and
has shown strength and vigor in everything that he does. Mr. Nicolls has also displayed integrity in all his
dealing. This man has been a source of strength, resilience and determination in all his pursuits. From the time
I met Marlon his level of respect and sincerity has been unquestionable, and I have grown to consider him as
one of the role models in society.
Mr. Nichols is also a very sociable man. He is a delight to be around, and persons that I have come across have
always spoken highly of him. His character is almost flawless in the eyes of those whom he deals with, and he
presents himself in a manner that is above reproach. I know he will be an asset to anyone he associates with.

Michelle Robinson, CEO Jewel Human Services Inc.

I’ve known Marlon Nicolls for approximately 30 years and have found him to be a wonderful person, great father, and an eminent business icon. During this time, he has worked to develop my personal and professional Ministries as a media consultant, and as I watch him closely; he has proven himself to be honest, brilliant, with high standards and impeccable moral character, with both his clients and community at large; for this, I hold him in very high regard. Therefore I recommend him, without a shadow of a doubt, in any future endeavor he wishes to achieve.

Rev. Donna Belgrove
Senior Pastor. His Majesty International fellowship. Founder Soar As an Eagle Network. Author.

What Clients Say?

I have had the pleasure of knowing Marlon Nicolls for close to twenty years.
During the years of our acquaintance, I have known Marlon in many capacities;
as a professional businessman, an astute entrepreneur, a devout father, a loyal
friend, and prayerful Christian. In any and all of these areas, Marlon has
demonstrated the highest levels of competence, respect, and honesty.
As a businessman and entrepreneur, I admired Marlon’s calm demeanor. Marlon
would sit in board meetings and managers sessions where participants made
futile attempts to discount his process, because of their own lack, but Marlon
always remained practical and composed; and in the end demonstrated the
success of his process and implementation.
Finally, I think one of the most admirable areas of Marlon is his faith.

 There is this unwavering faith that he has in God that exudes from him that then drives you into a place of humility where you realize that there are things in you that you must improve on.

Kathy Hicks

Chief Compliance Officer 

I have known Marlon Nicolls for more than twelve years. He has been helping us improve our website, increase web traffic, growing our 7 churches and meeting all our graphic arts needs. Marlon is one of the most dedicated, hardworking and creative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is compassionate, kind and never misses the opportunity to help others. Recently, when someone from our church passed away, Marlon prepared all the booklets for the family at no cost to them. Marlon is always looking for ways to help us, help persons in our church community sometimes; even working late into the evening and sacrificing an entire weekend. Marlon is the type of person you can count on to keep a cool head in a stressful situation, and his positive attitude is contagious. He is consistent, can be trusted and is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is an asset to us, and any organization would be fortunate to have him on their team.

Apostle Ann Marie Alman
People of Destiny International With Churches in U.S.A, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada (7 churches)

What Clients Say?

I have known Marlon Nicolls for 3 years as a media consultant. He has worked to help develop my personal and professional ministries. During this time I have found Mr. Nicolls to be a brilliant professional, with high standards and impeccable moral character. He is wonderful to work with and I would highly recommend him without a second thought. I hold him in high regard and am proud to call him my friend.

Best regards,

Rev. Andre Palmer, Pastor
Evergreen Baptist Church
Founder, AM Palmer Ministries Inc

I have known Marlon Nicolls, of Marlon Nicolls & Associates, for approximately 30 years and I can attest to the following. Mr. Nicolls is a principled, disciplined, man of integrity and sound judgment. His commitment to excellence and concern for the well-being of others make it easy to refer him to our stakeholders. His exemplary business ethics are without question and I wholeheartedly recommend him to you without reservation.

Ruth Lawrence (Rev.)
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